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Unit 14: The biggest and the best!

Here you will see the most beautiful scenery in the world and may also check among the largest and most extensive in the world.

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¡In our country we have many very exotic landscapes and parks that we must preserve what we want!

Unit 13: May I take your order, please?

This unit will see you as a person agrees with another in an item in particular, in this case with the typical food.

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¡Share your liking someone makes your life more pleasant!

Unit 15: May I take your order, please?

In this unit you will see how to invite someone somewhere and insist a person does not agree

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For an invitation the most important thing is to stress a person

martes, 8 de julio de 2008

Unit 11: It´s a very exciting city!

In this unit you will see the discripción my hometown
and the city I'd like to visit.

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viernes, 6 de junio de 2008


In this unit you will see things that I've done and those not yet.
In fact I've known several places in my country and in neighbouring Colombia

In my country I had the opportunity to travel to Yaracuy, it was in the middle of last year, I went with my family and a friends. Specifically visited the river that bears his name and saw the magnificent landscapes that are his. Actually what I liked best was its cuisine and its traditions.
On the other hand haven´t gone to MARGARITA yet, pearl in the Caribbean, but someday I will make its beautiful scenery, I haven´t gone to MÉRIDA and LOS ROQUES yet, I think that is very precious for everyone and in which the English plays therefore important a role, that is in plans, in reality a good financial situation I could not go but I will do so soon.

In neighboring country I visited three of its departments, in fact my parents are there and originals of my relatives are there, I was there for about three years ago. I visited the Department of Cesare URTADO went to the river and enjoyed its crystalline waters and what I liked most was the hospitality of its people, good also met the Department of Magdalena I could see their culture through a new music festival, also met MOMPÓS of the popular people in the departments of Bolivar and I think that this country has a culture nice.
I have not been in Bogota yet but someday I will make known their cold weather which is very famous and well is very interesting.

jueves, 5 de junio de 2008


In this unit you will notice as described people and appearance of them.

Described my classmates and myself

Yuliany: But it can be your call Yuli, she is this to my left and I'm embracing,
She is fairly short, wiht long red hair, Her eyes are brown as well as her skin, Shi´s 21 years old. She study Industrial Relations at URBE, not just me but studied English together, She´s good-looking and very intelligent.

Leonardo: But it can be your call Leo, Is the one on my right next to Yuli,
He´s petty tall, with short brown hair, His eyes are light brown, He´s 20 years old,
He study Business Administration at URBE, He´s a nice person and very attentive.

Well, the girl who is my right just saw the first day of classes, hence, not to mention it.

Well, I am of medium height, with short black hair, my eyes are brown and clear my brown skin, I think I am good-looking, very intelligent and good in English.
Actually I think I am stuffing but I feel that I have an ideal frame.I always use jeans and sweater every day.

miércoles, 4 de junio de 2008


Hi, my name´s José Gregorio Saucedo Polo, but please call me Joseito,
I´m from Maracaibo originally, I´m 20 years old and I study public accounts at URBE.

I live in Maracaibo, in Brisas del Sur, specifically behind CADA of Sierra Maestra.

I love music, dancing, chatting on the net, chatting on the cel fone, stuying, pizza, my family, my contry and my cats.

I hate onions, listening to rock, violence, war and injustice.

My dream is to travel around the world, visit the Europe, I want to graduate from accountant public school and be a good accountant.

I also want to learn to speak Italian. I´d love to work in an important company,

buy a house, buy a car and a computer,

get married and start a family but very far away.

My opinion about English, Well, I love to learn new languages. I think English is very important, because currently there are things that are inscribed in English and helps us to decipher,I really feel good in English but I think I need to practice quite mainly perform the tasks, indeed I love English.